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DeVore Design Among First FAA Part 107 Drone Operators

DeVore Design Among First FAA Part 107 Drone Operators

by DeVore Design, September 7, 2016

Press Release

Lake County drone operator among first in Florida to receive Remote Pilot license

Clermont, September 7, 2016:  Last week the Federal Aviation Administration implemented its new certification program for drone pilots.  The regulation, titled Part 107, requires individuals who plan to operate drones for commercial purposes to obtain a remote pilot airman certificate.  According to the FAA 2,932 tests were administered in the first week, and 2,570 applicants passed the test.

One of the first certified remote pilots in Florida is Vic DeVore, owner of DeVore Design, a real estate photographer based in Clermont, FL.  Vic DeVore passed the test on Friday, September 2nd, and on September 6th a temporary certificate was issued.  The temporary certificate authorizes Mr. DeVore to operate small unmanned aircraft systems for commercial use.

The purpose of the FAA’s action is to safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system.  “Part 107 creates a framework for safe, consistent and affordable operations within the national airspace”, says Vic DeVore.  DeVore Design has operations in Orlando and Tampa, and plans to certify all of their real estate photographers.  “Commercial drones can be used in a wide variety of applications including photography, video production, tower inspection, agricultural and environmental monitoring, mapping and more.”

Commercial operations under FAA’s Part 107 are not limited to any specific use, but other restrictions do apply.  The new regulations do not permit package delivery at this time, so shipping companies won’t start delivering products to the doorsteps of consumers yet.  Remote pilots must maintain visual line of sight with their aircraft at all times.  Other restrictions include flying at night and flying in controlled airspace without permission from air traffic control.  “The regulations make sense, and will help keep all aircraft safe”, according to Vic DeVore.

For more information about DeVore Design, LLC including additional media please visit  Call or text 407-500-PICS with questions.  Vic DeVore has been featured in Florida Realtor Magazine as an expert in aerial photography, and is available for interview.