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Virtual Media Services | Video + Zillow 3D Home

by DeVore Design, March 30, 2020

Working “virtually” is now more important than ever before, and I want to share with you how DeVore Design can help you provide virtual services to your sellers.  We are offering two services that will provide exposure for you and your listings, and are syndicated to for maximum visibility, but can also be used independently on your own social media and marketing platforms.

The first service is our Zillow 3D Home product.  This is a 360 virtual tour of your listing.  Users can navigate the listing from room to room, inside and out.  Zillow 3D Home will enhance the position of your listings on, and statistics from Zillow indicate that listings with Zillow 3D home sold 10% faster than listings without.  And, listings with Zillow 3D home received 50% more saves by potential buyers.  DeVore Design provides you with links so you can also use the Zillow 3D home tours independently – outside of Zillow.  You can share the link on social media, email or on your website.  We even include an unbranded version that you can use for a virtual tour link on the MLS.

DeVore Design is also offering a Virtual Buyer Video Tour.  This is an agent led video tour of the listing.  We use high quality lapel microphones along with stabilized cameras to simulate real estate agents giving a potential buyer a tour through the property.  This is a casual, single take, real time video.  This is literally like walking a buyer through the property.  It gives you an opportunity to point out all the homes features, while also introducing yourself to potential buyers.  This video is syndicated to Zillow, and we also provide you with a download link so you can post it to social media, YouTube or any other marketing channels.  If you aren’t comfortable on camera, we can walk the camera through the property at your direction, and just put music underneath the video. This is a casual video service.  It’s not a cinematic video like some of our other offerings.  However, it is very affordable and it does offer a unique opportunity to stay virtual, while promoting the listing along with your brand and personality.

This video service combined with Zillow 3D home offers the best combination of exposure, branding and overall marketing – while still being virtual, and limiting exposure between buyers and sellers.

For more information on these services please visit, or call or text us at 407-500-7427.  As a locally owned small business, we sincerely appreciate all your support.  If there is anything that we can do to help you – or your customers, please let us know.