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Is Your Website Bringing You Business?

Is Your Website Bringing You Business?

by DeVore Design, September 1, 2020

Email, blogging and print ads can drive customers to your website – but what do they see when they get there? In cyberspace, your website has to create the lead.

Real estate professionals need to drive people to their websites. They can accomplish this through email, blogging and print marketing – but what do potential customers see when they get there?

It’s challenging to do everything right the first time, but it’s worth the effort.

To create the perfect website, first select the right domain name. (For a “.realtor” domain, visit the National Association of Realtors®’ website.) Next choose a web host and web designer. When considering templates that can be used for various pages, get one that allows the user to change the text, pictures and links without paying additional money to the designer.

New content should then be added at least monthly, and perhaps more often when first building a library of information and resources.

Once the website is good to go, agents can enhance it by focusing on all content and design toward their audience and providing relevant information. They can offer property search features with multiple, high-quality digital images, virtual tours and creating forms where visitors can offer personal information in exchange for valuable information.

Ultimately, a website needs to stand out. Buyers and sellers who aren’t yet working with an agent will likely visit multiple websites. A well-organized one suggests that the agent is well-organized. A creative one suggests that the owner can think outside the box.

But consumers primarily want a trusted advisor to help them through a stressful buying or selling process, so even the most beautiful website needs solid content if it hopes to stand out from the cyberspace crowd.

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