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Do You Ignore SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Stop Now

Do You Ignore SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Stop Now

by DeVore Design, September 2, 2020

Customers must find you, and with fewer networking events, a website is an agent’s primary face in the community – but only if it comes up when customers use Google.

The COVID-19 pandemic will change how buyers and sellers do business even after it ends. Sellers will be more hesitant about in-person open houses, and agents may not be able to market directly to people who sign-in on open house sheets. Local networking events will decline, at least for a while, and buyers will not want to expose themselves by going to sellers’ houses unnecessarily.

Video or computer-assisted virtual tours will take on more importance in the home search, and listings that aren’t internet- or mobile-friendly won’t attract buyers.

For these reasons, Realtors must focus more on local searches than ever before. To do so, agents should claim their accounts on Google My Business, as well as various real estate sites. It’s also important to input their firm’s name and data in relevant internet directories.

Additionally, Google rewards sites get a lot of backlinks from quality sites, so be sure listing information appears exactly the same way across all directories. Any deviation can confuse the search engine algorithms and hinder their efforts.

Moreover, Realtors should regularly audit their website for search engine optimization (SEO). That includes tests to make sure the site loads quickly, has functional links, uses tags appropriately and works on mobile devices.

Agents should complete their website’s meta titles and descriptions to include the name of their town and the communities they are targeting. They should also post new content frequently across all available platforms since newer content gets an SEO boost. And when they do blog, they should mention local topics.

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