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5 Ways to Handle the Eyesore Next Door Before You Sell

by DeVore Design, July 2, 2015

DeVore Design offers professional real estate photography throughout Orlando and Central Florida.  Professional real estate photography might get people to the door, but don’t let your neighbors distract them. You’re almost ready to put your house on the market when you realize it: The neighborhood eyesore is going to pose … Continue reading

Drones Could Boost Wi-Fi Signals

by DeVore Design, June 30, 2015

Multi-taskers aboard passenger trains in the United States or the United Kingdom could someday post a Facebook update or upload a Google doc with the help of a drone. Earlier this year, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced a new initiative to boost mobile connectivity and provide free Wi-Fi access … Continue reading

Why Mom and Dad Should Charge Millennials Rent

by DeVore Design, June 30, 2015

  By Erin Lowry The cliche of 20-somethings taking up refuge in their parents’ basements is a now tired way to describe millennials. Unfortunately, it became a stereotype because it’s true. Millennials have been known to graduate college, quit work or just opt out of adult life and scurry back … Continue reading

Shooting a Drone Down Is Illegal, Court Rules

by DeVore Design, June 29, 2015

Sure, there’s concern that the emergence of drones will come at the cost of personal privacy, but that doesn’t mean we can turn our skies into the Wild West. And one small claims court seems to agree. On November 28, 2014, Brett McBray, fearing that his family was being watched, … Continue reading

Gen-X: Not Buying Homes

by DeVore Design, June 25, 2015

Millennials are often blamed for the drop in homebuying, but Generation X isn’t jumping on the homeowner bandwagon either. The U.S. homeownership rate has been falling since 2005, and Gen-Xers are a big part of the decline. Homeownership among those aged 35-54 has dropped the most of any other age … Continue reading

Land For Sale: $232,000,000

by DeVore Design, June 25, 2015

A piece of land the size of New Jersey is up for sale in Australia. At a sprawling 23,000 square kilometers (14,000 square miles), the Anna Creek Station in South Australia is the world’s biggest cattle ranch. It’s being offered as part of a portfolio of Australian properties which includes … Continue reading

Delivery Drones Allowed to Fly in the U.S. Starting Next Month

by DeVore Design, June 24, 2015

A Flirtey hexacopter carries a package in Australia, where the company calls home. (YouTube screengrab) Here in the United States, it seemed like legal red tape would stall the launch of delivery drones for years, but the wait is over sooner than expected. On July 17, the Federal Aviation Administration … Continue reading

Middle Class Struggles To Pay Bills

by DeVore Design, June 24, 2015

Making the rent is a common struggle for the poor. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult among the middle class. One in five renter households making $45,000-$75,000 a year are considered “cost-burdened,” meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on rent, according to Harvard’s State of the Nation’s Housing … Continue reading

The Volocopter Wants to Be Your Personal Flying Machine

by DeVore Design, June 22, 2015

The Volocoptor prototype. (Photo Credit: e-Volo) If a quadcopter drone and helicopter somehow reproduced, the offspring would be a Volocopter. The Volocopter is a novel mode of transportation built by the German company e-Volo. The prototype aircraft, currently in testing, runs purely on electricity and features a two-seat cabin, 18 … Continue reading

Existing-Home Sales Bounce Back Strongly in May as First-time Buyers Return

by DeVore Design, June 22, 2015

DeVore Design focuses on real estate photography for existing home sales, and as Orlando and the entire state of Florida continues to see steady growth in terms of sales and appreciating prices the use of professional real estate photography also increases. Fueled partly by an increase in the share of … Continue reading

Huge Iceberg Collapse Captured In Drone Video

by DeVore Design, June 18, 2015

Few people witness the moment an iceberg collapses, and even fewer capture the event on camera — from the air. Thanks to a teenager tooling around off the southern coast of Labrador in Canada, we now have a stunning aerial perspective of this powerful event. And here’s the real kicker: … Continue reading

Orlando Real Estate Photography Reaches Global Audience

by DeVore Design, June 17, 2015

Florida is leading the nation in international sales, which brings attention to property marketing and photography.  DeVore Design offers professional real estate photography throughout Orlando and Central Florida, and includes real estate video production with narrated walkthroughs available in multiple languages. While total unit sales from international home buyers decreased from … Continue reading

VIDEO: Drones Monitor Sharks to Keep Beachgoers Safe

by DeVore Design, June 16, 2015

Drone patrols are giving lifeguards a leg up when it comes to monitoring shark activity on popular beaches. Combing the beach areas for sharks is an inefficient process that can take hours, but with help from a DJI Phantom, lifeguards at Seal Beach in California are conducting shark watch in … Continue reading

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Becomes More Competitive

by DeVore Design, June 15, 2015

DeVore Design offers professional photography and video production to help commercial real estate listings standout.  The residential real estate market has been increasingly adopting the use of professional photos and real estate videos to help market high dollar luxury properties, but as the commercial markets heat up it’s becoming obvious that … Continue reading

Drones Could Help Prevent Future Disease Outbreaks

by DeVore Design, June 11, 2015

Project Premonition lead Ethan Jackson holds a drone during a feasibility study in Grenada earlier this year. (Credit: Microsoft) Drones will play a key role in an ambitious project that aims to predict future disease outbreaks. Microsoft researchers are developing a high-tech system to autonomously capture and monitor the most … Continue reading

China Is Using Drones to Catch Exam Cheaters

by DeVore Design, June 10, 2015

Parents wait for students to exit the exam area in China. (Credit: Ernie/Flickr) Students taking college entrance exams in China will have to peek left, right, and toward the sky if they plan on cheating. That’s because test administrators are deploying a drone to spot cheaters during these highly competitive … Continue reading

Boeing Patents Drones That Never Need to Land

by DeVore Design, June 5, 2015

(Photo Credit: Patent Yogi/YouTube) Limited flight times are such a drag — and Boeing seems to agree. The company just received a patent for its design for a drone that can remain airborne in perpetuity. Flight times are constrained by the amount of energy or fuel a drone can store … Continue reading

4 of the Hottest Drone Projects on Kickstarter

by DeVore Design, June 4, 2015

(Photo Credit: CyPhy Works) It seems like every team these days is turning to Kickstarter for crowd-based funding, and for drones it’s no different. Here, we’ve sifted through the current contenders to find four ongoing projects that just might be worth the price tag to get access to some cutting-edge … Continue reading

Real Estate Agents Under More Pressure To Deliver Results

by DeVore Design, June 3, 2015

After gradually climbing for three consecutive years, the decline in existing-home sales in 2014 resulted in a slight reduction in Realtor® business activity and income last year, according to the 2015 National Association of Realtors® Member Profile. The survey also found that Realtors® are increasingly more comfortable using multiple communication … Continue reading

Drones Take Sibling Rivalries to New Heights in Short Film

by DeVore Design, June 2, 2015

Sibling rivalries will never be the same, so long as there are drones in the household. A video produced by YouTube’s Devin Super Tramp called “Drone Wars” is a fun take on the 21st century hijinks kids might get into while their parents are away. A young girl does everything … Continue reading

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